IGOL in international business relations

Two of the regional companies traditionally have an activity of placing the brand on the international market.

IGOL is present in more than 30 countries all over the world (in Europe, Africa and Asia) and exports more than 2.500 tons per year.

IGOL Picardie
Phone: 0033 3 22 47 79 47
Fax: 0033 22 46 79 61

close to the harbors of the North Sea


IGOL Provence
Phone: 0033 4 42 51 78 00
Fax: 0033 4 42 51 18 36

located 20 km from the Marseille harbor and 35 km from the harbor of Fos.

We are looking for distributors in all countries of these areas except for those countries in which we already have distributorship agreements.

We are always open to any opportunity:
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